Tan-Yang Elementary School, located in Taichung City, was established in 1991 and has never stopped growing ever since. All the time, every staff member of Tan-Yang is devoted to building not only extremely fine learning environments, but also eminently suitable learning atmosphere for all students. Creating opportunities for all children to achieve their highest potential is our collaborative belief. With the vision, courage, wisdom, and professional knowledge, we do, and always will, strive for excellence! At present, we have over 1900 students, 93 teachers and 62 homeroom classes. (including three Resource Rooms for special education.) If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


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Tan-Yang Elementary School
Address: No.19 Tan-Yang St., Tan-Zih , Taichung City, 427, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: 886-4-25382255
Fax: 886-4-25382411


Personal Vision

Teachers pursuit for profession and excellence.

Students grow up happily and are willing to learn.

Parents play roles with active support and participation.

To build a warm and safety campus without any obstacles to anyone.

Teachers, students, parents and a campus are the four basic elements to form a school.  My ideal school is described below.

()Teachers pursuit for profession and excellence.

Professional teachers represent people who have the sufficient knowledge, the professional understanding of the subject, and the communication and negotiation capabilities.

A teacher who can raise the teaching quality must be able to have the sufficient professional know-how, and the attitude for dedication and excellence.

(Students grow up happily and are willing to learn.

The student will become eager and active to lean once they realize what the fun part of learning it is.

(Parents play roles with active support and participation.

Parents can change their roles from spectators into helpers, participated members and supervisors. They can become educational partners of the school.  By cooperating with each other, they can create a win-win situation.

(To build a warm and safety campus without any obstacles to anyone.

To design the environment of the campus and to generate the atmosphere must consider the view of “People first”.  The environment of the campus must be safe and the atmosphere should be warm and humanized.  The student would behave good naturally by creating such a good environment and harmony mood.


A brief introduction of our principle


Personal Data

Name:  Shih-Ming Chen

Constellation: Taurus

Interests: LSA、IPA、Online Quiz、Knowledge sharing platform、Network application research;              Homepage programming